Faculty Sharing: Hear the Heart Behind the Courses

Category : Our Programs & Courses
May 26, 2023 at 6:02 p.m. CDT

Horizon Seminary Faculty share why they are passionate about their courses, followed by a time of Q/A from guests. Presenters include:

  • Susan Wendel, PhD – Seminary Academic Dean; New and Old Testament Studies
  • Heather Tomes, MEd, RPsych – Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counselling
  • Harry Strauss, DMin – Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership and the Master of Divinity; Field Education
  • Andrew Gabriel, PhD – Vice-President of Academics; College Academic Dean; Theology
  • Dale Dirksen, DWS – Adjunct in Worship; Coaching; History
  • Carmen Kampman, DMin (in progress) – Adjunct in Spiritual Formation; Leadership
  • Jeromey Martini, PhD – President; New Testament Studies

More about this event at www.horizon.edu/faculty-sharing